The Need For The UltraBrights Diamond

In 1919 - Marcel Tolkowsky Invented the Ideal Cut From then to now a huge Quantity of Diamond Cuts have been invented, which used the Tolkowsky Cut as Template.


The Ideal cut is optimal from 0.20 and larger Performance is compromised in smaller stones as smaller stones need fewer facets.

A New And Innovative Cut

49 facets instead of 57 facets designed specifically to enhance the visual appearance of melee (=small) diamonds.

A product with superior optical performance. Cut with more focus on brilliance without compromising scintillation and fire

All the UltraBrights stones in the pieces perform equally well from all angles. An alternative for the traditional RBC melee size diamonds.

A real and distinctive opportunity for differentiation.

Invented & Patended Design

  • Clean Sheet - New design architecture

  • Development through 100 Models of Prototypes

  • Designed to achieve enhanced Brilliance, contrast fire and scintillation at smaller sizes

  • Perfect for accent stones or pave set jewellery

  • UltraBrights diamonds appear bigger, look brighter and more brilliant

UltraBrights The Difference

Ideal Brilliant Cut
57 Facets

UltraBrights Cut
49 Facets

15 - 25 %

more brillance

Consumer tested
  • More Sparkle
  • More Contrast
  • More Reflection
  • More Prestige

Product Differentiators

  • A visibly brilliant diamond that outperforms any standard cuts attracts customers looking for the finest and brightest diamonds in their jewellery. Exclusive opportunity to market based on demonstrable product truth

  • Jewelry designers have previously had very limited options to differentiate their offering for melee size diamonds. UltraBrights offers this opportunity and creates unique and brighter jewels

  • In view of the increasing threat of synthetic melee diamonds entering undisclosed into the pipeline; UB give the opportunity, due to its new, unique and patented design, to build and maintain an integral natural diamond pipeline

Features & Benefits

New and innovative design for small diamonds
Created by masters of light performance diamonds
Noticeable difference by eye to consumer
Designed for use
Created specifically for purpose to improve the appearance of small diamonds
Product Differentiation
Defendable product truths
Patented design
Exclusive to market

How do consumers see UltraBrights?

Wedding Band - Channel Set Rhombus - Micro Pave UB - Combi
CT Size
0.9 1.35 1.95
0.9 1.35 1.95
% Saw Difference
47% 59% 77%
58% 65% 74%
“More reflection
“More beautiful
“Brighter light
“Nicer color
“More sparkle